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Posted by Webmaster

The band has asked me create these images of their album cover in various states of blurriness so that you will be tempted to forgo the free option because it looks blurry, and instead pay money to acquire the CD version which you’ll notice has a crystal clear album cover next to it. Now that I look at these images, I’m becoming more convinced myself that you do need to get a super hi-fi version of the music. The best songs on the CD really do sound great!

But it's up to you to select which quality is most suited to your personality and your worth as a person.

Here's what we've got:

"Stereo Night" translucent red vinyl LP

"Stereo Night"
Translucent red vinyl LP

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"Stereo Night" CD

"Stereo Night"

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"Stereo Night" Hi Rez Download

"Stereo Night"
Hi Rez Download

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"Stereo Night" FREE Low Rez Download

"Stereo Night"
FREE Low Rez Download

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Free Low Rez

"Good enough for me."

Stereo Night: Low Rez

"Low Rez" would be a good choice for someone who wants something free. The benefit here is the lack of cost. You'll be able to hear the chords, a get a vague sense that music is playing, but music reproduced at this MP3ish resolution will probably not have the power to take hold of your soul, fly it up to heaven, slap it in the face, make passionate movie star love to it, and then gently place it down to rest on a white feather mattress and give it a little kiss. That cannot be accomplished at low resolution.

I choose free "low rez"

"Low Rez" fits the way I listen to music. I don't need to be all that happy.

Hi Rez – at least for online

"When it comes to music, I don't like to compromise too much."

Stereo Night: High Rez Download

This would be a good choice for someone who likes quality, but doesn't have the self-esteem and personal discipline to wait for a CD or LP to arrive in the mail with it's gorgeous art work and crytal clear sound. A person who is of a middle quality would opt for this high resolution download.

I want "high rez"

But I don't deserve to hear the music at full CD quality.

Highest Quality CD Version

"I am a person of high quality. I'll need your best music."

Stereo Night: Highest Quality CD

This highest quality CD version is for the individual who considers music to be an important part of their life. This person does not begrudge others their low resolution life style. They merely insist that their own musical experience contains breathtaking highs and profound lows.

I require Highest Quality Music

Thank you for providing a range of resolutions to meet the needs of people of varying quality. But plesae send me music that is not blurry.

Translucent Red Vinyl LP

"I am a connoisseur of music whose needs transcend words like 'quality.'"

Stereo Night: Tranlucent Red LP

The LP is for connoisseurs, antiquarians, hipsters and those who love large art. If you long to bathe in the soft glow of tubular, analog sound, then this is the choice for you. This format is also great for those who like to read lyrics as the music plays. NOTE: The Twilight Hours would prefer that you not clean your moist high quality weed on their lush gatefold photography. Do that somewhere else.

Give me that red thing!

I want to kiss it and hug it and stare at the changing colors of it's translucent grooves. I want to see through it darkly. I choose a better life for myself and my family.