Bargain Hunting in Lawrence


Posted by Matt Saturday, February 06, 2010

We got into Lawrence with a few hours to spare, and suddenly flurry of music retail tire-kicking broke out. Within minutes of penetrating the business district all members of the band were scouting for local music stores with an eye to taking advantage of the countrified locals with their innocent country pricing. Unfortunately the interweb has ruined that game and Minneapolitans no longer have an edge. All the amps and keyboards that we were vulturing around for were priced at perfect parity with their big city cousins.

Are there no more yokels to be exploited? Has the internet turned us into one humongous city where everyone knows what amps had previously been undervalued?

Damn you, democratizing interweb of knowledge!

Still, as Jacques, Dave and I were getting ready to write off the final music store, Steve wandered in from the street, smelling strongly of pizza. He entered the establishment full of bravado and armed with his usual sassy attitude. But then a cute little Ludwig 3-piece drum set from the 1960s caught the corner of his eye and laid him low. He went into a powerful retail stupor. I requested a drum stick from the man behind the counter, and as Steve watched helplessly, I tested the drums for sound and heft. Jacques made approving noises and nods as I banged on the rack tom and the floor tom. They reminded me of Ringo’s drums on “Let it Be”. And the drums bore a luminscent pearl kind of finish that had yellowed to an attractive off-white.

Steve needed some time alone with the instruments. So Dave, Jacques and I bided our time outside on the cold streets of Lawrence until Steve called me on my cell to tell me that he would need some help getting his new drums to the van. A deal had been struck!

Now, a few hours later we just finished sound check.  Steve’s new drums sound great, and they do look really cool.

Oh, god, I wish that great musical instruments didn’t cost money, but were just awarded to good children like me who will love them and play wholesome songs through them and will always take good care of them. When will I be awarded the snarly little amplifier that I so deserve to own?

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