Our most vulnerable citizens


Posted by Matt Saturday, February 20, 2010

Though I try to keep myself distant and disengaged from the debauchery of the forums, this latest excursion by this site’s cyber-rebels into the hidden and private lives of children forces me to speak up.

I think we all agree that the Love Monsters were a college band. And I’m sure we will all acknowledge that the college they attended was a private college. You see where I’m going with this. The Love Monsters were a private band. Think about that. Also, I’m sure that none of the hell raisers on the forum has ever stopped to consider that the Love Monsters at the time of these recordings were, for all practical purposes, children. By linking to this gangly and awkward music, you are exposing the private poetry and musings of children.

And though these children attended an incredibly expensive private college, we can only guess what other kinds of deprivations they might have been experiencing at the time which made their music so sad. And though the Love Monsters may look very joyous on their record cover, don’t adolescents often clown around with the very greatest energy at the very time that they are suffering the gravest pain? We can only guess what pain these five apparently chemically-dependant children were experiencing at the time of this photograph.

Let’s be careful when we expose the private lives of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Just a thought.

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