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Posted by John Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey Fans of The Twilight Hours and local (Twin Cities) music,
I want to encourage you to buy The Current’s Music Sampler.  The tracks are all performed live, it’s a quite diverse collection, and well worth your five (or more!) dollars. 

“But, John,” you say, “isn’t it weird to come out shilling for a radio station’s sampler?”  And yes, I’ll admit that that’s a little strange, but we have a version of “Dreams” on the disc which may actually be better than the one on Stereo Night.  It is missing Steve Roehm, but the lack of drums and drive makes the song even dreamier, in my opinion.  It also features the “La La” section which is really harmonious and cool.

In addition there are tracks by many of your Twin Cities favorites.  So go here and sample the tracks and after you decide you love it, buy it.  The station has even developed a profit sharing scheme with the artists participating, which is pretty darn cool of them.  Feels a little like a musicians co-op!  So donate with wild abandon.

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