What a Bunch!


Posted by John Wednesday, March 17, 2010

After returning to Minneapolis I said to Jacques, our slinky axeman, “Sorry dude.  I wish it could have been helped…”  What did he say?  “Funny.  I’ve already forgotten about it.”  That was AT THE AIRPORT, at the baggage carousel.  And to that I say, “Thank you guys!!!”  I know Matt feels exactly the same way. 

Example numbers two and three: after having spent some uncomfortable hours biding time together at the airport, what do you imagine Dave, Steve and I did after dropping the equipment off at the rehearsal space?  A couple of beers at the local watering hole, a chat about limitations creating superior art, a bit of how to make loved ones happy with you as you leave for days on end… Glory to guys!  We love you!!

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