Tonight? He’s playing them for the show? Sweet story, setting up to be a special night. God it’s gratifying to covet your own gnarly gear. Btw, I may have the amp you dream of. It’s the amp of my dreams anyway. Custom made tube amp, designed and built for me, gift from my wife. Kinda wasted on me, since I’m really no musician, but I just loooove it anyway. And you’ll never get near it.

Posted by Spike 2010 02 06

Next time you’ll have to try and Craigslist for the musical instruments you need…it’s amazing what people are selling for a reasonable price and you get to venture into some pretty interesting neighborhoods at times which can be quite frightening…I try not to think about what could be behind average-looking front doors for fear I will not venture out in search of a bargan…but so far…so good…I’ve been able to snag a decent little musical keyboard for Katie for 80 bucks and my skis/boots/poles for 20 bucks which turned out to be okay even though at about 10 years old they were considered antiques by the professionals…still 20 bucks beat 2 days of rental fees….can’t help you with your amplifier search…in fact..what does that even do? smile

Posted by Kara 2010 02 07

Steve smelling strongly of pizza.  Are you sure age yellowed the pearlescent finish on the drums?  Perhaps it was pepperoni grease. 

Safe travels home.  I can’t help but hum “I come back to town today” and imagine you and your musical crew riding north, redolent of victory…and pizza.

Posted by psh 2010 02 07

Better not be playin us with that promise of a swing out west that john gave a few weeks ago….im expecting you…..

Posted by Heisenberg 2010 02 10

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