Posted by Kara 2012 03 08

The inmates take over the asylum Part 1

Posted by sequoia 2012 03 10


Posted by Kara 2012 03 10

And we’re BACK

Posted by Dr. Neau 2012 03 20

See you there.

Posted by psh 2012 03 20

Hey look….I made it to the Pantheon…do I look somewhat manly in this image? It must be the dudley do right chin dimple….!

Posted by Kara 2012 03 20

You do look like an heir to the British Throne. You’re a HANDSOME woman.

Posted by Tom Bone 2012 04 01

I’m so glad someone responsible is in charge now.  I think I would have worked much harder if I’d been given a crown.

Posted by John 2012 04 06

My self- confidence has increased immeasurably since I was crowned! What a thrill!

Posted by Kara 2012 04 11

Alright Kara!

Posted by RyanOBoogie 2012 04 11

I just realized how much better I look than John and Matt who look like the life has leached right out of them….hehehe

Posted by Kara 2012 04 13

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