Don’t tell Dan…but YOU are the brother that I came to see!

Posted by jane 2010 04 06

With all due respect to Dan, it seems to me that most of the yelled requests were for the brainchildren of Matt.

Posted by ss 2010 04 06

Well, technically we don’t really know who wrote “Rebecca”...

Posted by Dr. Neau 2010 04 06

I think the reason that it sold-out in mere seconds was because of you, Matt….maybe your coattails aren’t quite as long as Dan’s but they are covered with precious jewels that glitter and shine…

Posted by Kara 2010 04 06

Not much to add, Matt.  Your tunes soared.  The old chestnuts filled us with nostalgia, the current tunes awed us, and the brant new one left us wanting more.  Here’s to hoping that you do it again, and again, and again.  Maybe John will join you, too.

See you at the Guthrie.

Posted by psh 2010 04 06

Fools! Don’t you see the trap? He’s a conniving manipulator, but I won’t fall for it. Matt knows full well that he’s the aural oracle, the enlightened lyricist, the melodic thaumaturge, and that mom likes him best, but he feigns this subordinate posture and spurious humility, a sham of grace and deference, just so you’ll bathe him in lavish adoration! He extorts adulation like a withering leech through trickery and reverential masquerade. Nice try Matt. You know all too well the magnitude of your gifts, quit the baiting, you leech!

Posted by Spike 2010 04 06

So Matt wrote Rebecca?

Posted by Dr. Neau 2010 04 06

I just have this _hunch_ that Rebecca and the Toolmaster attended the same primary milking school. I’m thinking Jill with aqua makeup might have been a year older.

Posted by ss 2010 04 06

Matt, you’re a songwriting freak. Nobody writes a song like “Alone”. Or “Reception” for that matter. Or “Landing”...

p.s. Sorry about the “freak” thing. I just didn’t want to call you a genius in front of all your friends. Or mine.

Posted by Lenny 2010 04 07

...or “Descender!”...

Posted by Spike 2010 04 08

..or “Late” or “Travel Plans!”

or “Jill Can Drive” or “Raking Service…”

Posted by ss 2010 04 08

..or “Gone Gone Gone”...

Posted by Kara 2010 04 08

yea or Closing Time!

Posted by Heisenberg 2010 04 09


Posted by Heisenberg 2010 04 09

...hehehe….or The Crane…!

Posted by Kara 2010 04 10

That was awesome stuff from the both of you.  You two sounded like you had fun up there. 

“Dan, the balance of this gig is assured…”

That is the antithesis of bankrupt.  Your wings haven’t melted.

Posted by verreauxi 2010 04 10

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