If you’re going to scold me, get my name right. smile

Posted by jane 2010 06 24

I remember this song and really liked if before.  Did you have to change the story now??

I’m looking forward to your coming out party!

Posted by jane 2010 06 24

There’s not much that could make me happier than a post by Matt Wilson titled, “I wrote a song!” Glory be. I promise to love it.

Posted by ss 2010 06 24

Huzzah!  Fire up the cameras and digital recorders for the Stillwater show. 

By the way, this is well done, Matt:

Not long after the song’s inception I had the privilege of traveling to Italy, where I spent a stupidly huge amount of time not sitting under olive trees, but instead locked away in a little room writing and rewriting the words that would eventually be cut out of this song.

Posted by psh 2010 06 24

Cool!  BTW, when you co-write with Dan now, how do you decide who gets to record it?

Now that THAT’S out of the way, maybe we can get onto rehashing “Rebecca”...

Posted by Dr. Neau 2010 06 24

I remember Flying or whatever it’s called from the 3/4 Reunion show…I do like parts of that song but it was a little bit off and a little bit too long like it wandered aimlessly for awhile…like a 1000 piece puzzle with 3 missing pieces…it’s mostly done, but those missing pieces ruin the entire thing…I like the melody “steve mcqueen…could make it out….so…in conclusion I am eager to hear the finished project…feel free to showcase it for us to critique it properly…I think part of the problem from that 3/4 show is I couldnt’ follow the lyrics in any manner at all…like where the heck did “I think I see some flowers in your hands” come from…what does that mean..it was mish-mashed…of course it could all make sense if I could actually see the Flops movie….!!!

Posted by Kara 2010 06 24

I have always loved the Fly Away song since hearing it from the reunion show. I wondered why it was never heard from again. So to hear that it’s alive and well and getting even better… It’s like waking up and getting chills. Well, maybe not that, but it’s very exciting!

Posted by RyanOBoogie 2010 06 24

This is good news for fans of the band.  And in the bigger scheme of things, a good or interesting melody should not be taken lightly.  Monetarily, it may provide good temporary support for the writer, but in the long run a good melody transcends.  Who knows, years from now this melody may find a a driver, on a lonely road, shifting his AM (or perhaps IPOD) and find comfort in a good song such as this. 

Also, not just everyone has the ability to create a good song.  I know I can’t, because the only time I came close, I was dreaming it.  I knew I was in a dream, and tried hard not to wake up until I memorized it.  In my heart it was just as good as green sleeves, the ole Irish tune.  But I never could remmeber the melody, and it is lost til this day. 

So Matt, keep going strong. You have made a number of good ones over the years.  They will stand the test of time.

Posted by camper 2010 06 24

WTF??! No homemade demo to wet our panties?! You tease us!!!!!

Posted by Heisenberg 2010 06 25

I know that song, from the Flops shows, and I remember one curse filled liner-note rant about the painful proccess and laborious length. I’m glad you perservered.

Speaking of long term, heavily edited, re-worked projects, I much prefer the earlier version of Troublemaker to the recent bouncy incarnation I’ve heard performed live. I especially miss the lyric “troublemakers, funny to ourselves…” since it has become an insider quote for years, perfectly apt, and a favorite for me and my wife.

Now you’ve changed it, with all of your changey change ways! Changer!

Posted by Spike 2010 06 25

Now, you see, Heisenberg…You are the reason we Twilight Hours fans get a bad rap for our sonnet reciting, public radio listening, Saab driving, bifocal-wearing, elitist ways.

Get off your high horse, Mr. Classy!

Posted by jane 2010 06 26

Out we fly, hither and yon
To shout to the world
Matt’s got a song!

Posted by Tico 2010 06 27

This is a good change.  The song is improved.  I share some frustration with “changer.” Sometimes I think, “Why not just another song and call this one done?”  I ask this question less and less because it is pointless.  Not every change is for the better.  But this one is.

Posted by John 2010 06 27

...yeah, but when can we see the movie?

Posted by Kara 2010 06 27

I know exactly what you’re thinking as another example, John: AC/DC’s “Dirty Eyes” versus “Whole Lotta Rosie”.

Most people would listen to “Dirty Eyes” and think, “Wow, that rocks”.  But, Angus, Mal and Bon reworked it into the masterpiece that is “Whole Lotta Rosie”...and we’re all better for it.

Posted by Dr. Neau 2010 06 27


Where in Europe did you find your inspiration?

Posted by verreauxi 2010 07 01

Matt…you sound really proud of this new song as if you’ve never wrote one before which strikes me as funny….of course you wrote a song…but if you are really proud of it, then it must be really special…

I gather the new chorus is “Help me find the way”....and I’m hoping the song will be revealed soonish and that I will get to see it performed….or, if not me…then via the youtubery foolery that I’ve come to rely upon…

Posted by Kara 2010 07 06

What the Heck???

Posted by Kara 2010 08 22

Since your filling us in on these mysterious new songs (and re-workings of hitherto unrecorded works…) what about that super-suave song you did with Planetmaker about the prettiest girl at the checkout line?

One more… What about your work on “Afternoon Song” as part of The Current project. It was outstanding!

Posted by jarant 2010 08 25

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