I would love to get there before November… but the record is the priority right now.

Posted by John 2010 08 25

Geez, I’m just so happy you guys are still together!....and would be stunned to hear of a new record before the end of the year…..John, you have to be standing below the net to insure a slam dunk on this one….don’t let Matt dilly dally…we’re counting on you!

Posted by Kara 2010 08 25

Looking forward to the show, the film, and the record with great anticipation.  Have never seen Umbrellas, but understand the riot of colors is mind-altering, kind of like the old red, white, and blue ABA basketball.

Posted by psh 2010 08 25

Kara, your jibe is justified… very hard to juggle everything right now and we have dropped out of sight a bit.  But there are some things this fall that should be fun.  Not least the Brad Kern Benefit.

Posted by John 2010 08 25

Matt is seeker Harry, flying to seize the golden snitch (the album). You, John, are the Weasley twins, smacking the bludgers (perfectionism, endless changes..) out of the seeker’s way. Go TTH!

And aren’t you just wild about Harry? We promise to be wild about the next album. We are ALREADY wild about the next album.

Posted by ss 2010 08 25

A matchup zone against Matt might be more effective.  He’s pretty good at beating the press.  Pass pass pass.

And for the record, here is John’s character peer in various analogies:
Harry Potter: Hagrid
Star Wars: C3PO (sorry, John)
Meet the Parents: Jack Byrnes
Hawk the Slayer: Gort
Smurfs: Vanity Smurf
Entourage: Drama
Young Ones: Neil
The Associate: Sally Dugan

Posted by Dr. Neau 2010 08 26

I picture John as more of the Wookie character than c3po…..but maybe that’s just me….

Posted by Kara 2010 08 26

After witnessing John’s lovely reaction to his young adoring female fans at Mears Park this weekend, I have to correct your Smurfy assumptions about his vanity. There was no puffery, he was quite the gentleman. Is there a Gentleman Smurf? There should be. But in John’s case, I think he’d be FOUR apples tall, not three….

Posted by owlface 2010 08 28

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