How about something like this:

“Hey Mark Wheat…I know you’re a local celebrity and all…but how did you think you would get into the DEMO annual meeting and The Twilight Hours show at The Eagles Club in May 2009 without any cash?  What’s that you say?  On your fame?  Oh yeah, I guess that does work for you.

Nevermind then, Freeloader.”

(eyewitness account)

Posted by jane 2010 09 03


Posted by Eric 2010 09 03

Time to publicly reveal exactly who Matt was referring to when he wrote “Queen of Tomorrow”, so that my Super Squad friends know that I was right when I identified HIS name when we met on the night that was a dawn.

Posted by Spike 2010 09 03

The One Whose Name Must Never Be Spoken, Spike?  Old “you know who?”

Posted by John 2010 09 03

Do you like to sing along to music? Which singers; what era of music; whose phrasing, timbre do you especially like?

Posted by Aubrey 2010 09 04

It has been pointed out to me (by several, but particularly by my dear friend, Mr. Mark Wheat) that the humor which I thought I exuded in my post above may not have been clearly defined and delineated. 
So I am here to humbly and publicly beg forgiveness to master deejay and beautiful public face of the 89.3 The Current. Sir Mark…I am sorry.  You can show up anywhere you like with as little cash as you desire.
Thanks for introducing even more corn-fed innocents to the shock and awe beauty of The Twilight Hours.
Now, off you go to sign more autographs. smile

Posted by jane 2010 09 06

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