Ha!  I can’t help but notice that you’ve included quite a high number of web links for a musician with such a tortured, adolescent soul!  This couldn’t be wit that you are showing above…  No, no, you must truly be in pain.

Thus, I will respect the privacy that you so seek.  I will only speak of these recordings again in March when I yell out their titles from the balcony of the Pantages theater!

Posted by Robbie V 2010 02 20

Lol! This is great!

I haven’t listened yet, Im gunna wait till I got a huge fat bowl of chronic and take a listen. Im loading it right now. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!



Posted by Heisenberg 2010 02 20

Screw that sentiment - I’ve been an adult long enough to know that everything worth saying is said as a child. After that, it’s just a bunch of big words to hide the fact that none of us really have anything to say. Long live the legacy of the Love Monsters.

Posted by RyanOBoogie 2010 02 20

bleh, sounds like every band everyone was in at least once during the 80s….

The lengths of the songs and the structure are exhausting to listen to. It also just makes me wanna listen to Applehead Man.

Posted by Heisenberg 2010 02 21

...giggle…I don’t know which is funnier…the photo or the little sketches around the photo..hahaha….

Posted by Kara 2010 02 21

Matt, we all know that this is a thinly veiled plea for assistance.

Never fear, we will help you lobby Dan to allow inclusion of “Rebecca” into the set list for the Pantages.

Looking forward to it!

Posted by Dr. Neau 2010 02 21

no lol. I don’t want them playing that elementary school garbage when they come to vegas!!

Posted by Heisenberg 2010 02 21


Posted by Eric 2010 02 21

Oh dear Matthew R…if you don’t want the scavenging and scrounging riff raff rifling through your garbage, stop dangling the tantalizing treasures ‘neath our noses for us to revel in their sweet freshman odors!

Posted by jane 2010 02 23

So wait a minute, does “Daniel Wilson 83” mean you entered Harvard in 83 or graduated in 83? 

Aren’t you cats around my age…40ish?  Or maybe it’s your precocious Lutheran work ethic that allowed you two to join the ivied halls at age 14?

Posted by verreauxi 2010 04 11

By “you” in my above statement, I obviously meant “your brother”

Posted by verreauxi 2010 04 11

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