Right back at you, Matt.  You are the one who did all the work, took all the risks, put your heart and soul on the line.  We thank you.

Posted by psh 2010 04 26

I attend the Twilight Hours’ concerts more for the onstage banter and you guys were VERY entertaining in that respect.

/Yeah, the songs were spectacular as well.

Posted by Onan the Barbarian 2010 04 26

The show blew my socks off.  Highlights were the new version of troublemaker, call me up, and hearing new stuff like Maybe and the acoustic number about not having a place on board.  Its so grand to hear Jacques tasteful and then smoldering lead lines, and so nice to hear the signature leads from Matt on the electric that I haven’t gotten to hear enough of lately.  Its also refreshing to hear lesser played gems like Bonneville rather than then more comfortable standards that seem to be the bread and butter of the recent past.  The guthrie was the perfect venue to enjoy what you guys have created.  Hopefully you recorded the show.

Posted by dant 2010 04 26

You are bona fide Matt. From every notion and emotion scribbled and fiddled alone late at night, through your acoustic wrestlings with John to work out the quirks amid annoying crowd chatter, and your soundboard revisits tweaking and layering building your own wall of sound, to the inviting of other underated shadow brilliant performers daring to reach for the lime light, culminating in that grand show. From the subtle and tender to the profound and loud, bona fide.

Don’t stop.

Posted by Spike 2010 04 26

Absolutely fantastic evening Matt!  It was really a treat.

Posted by schmecky 2010 04 27

That’s exactly how we described our evening. You are a joymaker, Matt! It was completely and totally delightful. Especially the part where John just started a song over right after the first verse because his guitar wasn’t tuned properly.

Posted by malsam 2010 04 28


Posted by Onan the Barbarian 2010 06 09

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