The band needs a shiney button!


Posted by Omniscient Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The band is anxious to sell out the final tickets to their April 24 show at the Guthrie’s breath-taking, scarlet-hued proscenium stage in Minneapolis. I can’t stand to see them anxious.

Webmaster, I blame you for their pain. You will establish a prize drawing of some sort to attract attention to the show. And to make the contest irresistible, I command you to marshal your meager Photoshop skills to create the single most delicious-looking red button ever to be posted throughout the history of the internet! This button must possess an overwhelming power to force users to click on it! We’ll figure out something to give the winners.

Do not disappoint me, webmaster!

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Hey Omni,

Now that you’ve given the band a shiny new button, how about commanding the forum admin to fix the avatar load problem?

Posted by Dr. Neau 2010 04 13

The button is totally irresistable…so remove me from the winner’s list since there’s no way I can make the show…

Posted by Kara 2010 04 13

Not even if they promise to play “Will You Be Found”?

Posted by ss 2010 04 13

...well..there’d have to be a round-trip ticket involved…:)

Posted by Kara 2010 04 13

Will the prize include Matt in cut offs?

Posted by jane 2010 04 13

Okay…I could handle a signed poster!

Posted by Kara 2010 04 14

I can’t understand why this show isn’t sold out already…what’s up with that….it’s unbelievable…I’d have thought after the great duo show people would be scarfing up these tickets left and right…how many tickets were sold for the duo show from out of town…who thought of this prize…is their a secret agenda behind this…will Dr. Neau win and be “coerced” into giving up his secrets?

Posted by Kara 2010 04 14

I am committed for this night (very regrettably); please remove me from the potential winners’ list, too.  I’d love a poster from the show, though!  Great show with Dan @ the Pantages - brilliant!

Posted by seg 2010 04 14

Today is the Day the Winning email will be announced….good luck to all Forum members!!!

Posted by Kara 2010 04 21

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