Sorry KSEP.  I know you were first out of the starting blocks with the proclamation, but the news is oh so much more pertinent and poetic coming from Big John.

Oddly, and I think I can speak for most who read this, we will gladly gobble up any drivel morsel these guys muster up the desire to toss to us…including old or obvious news.

You know I have my ways of collecting this gem without shelling out, but I am instead gladly heaping wads of money on my lifeblood radio station.  Glad to hear you’ll be getting your share guys!

Posted by jane 2011 01 24

Is there anyway to make sure our donation goes to a particular band? I want my money going to Lazerbeak…

Seriously, though..this rendition of Dreams is otherworldly….very pretty…

Posted by Kara 2011 01 25

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