Hell, I’ve only met those guys three times and I could have told you they were a great bunch. Sometimes those miserable moments become the most memorable. I just hope that means that you are not giving up on east coast tours. Glad to have been fortunate to see you guys. Have a superb summer!

Posted by RyanOBoogie 2010 03 17

I don’t beleive a word of this BS.

You all are the same. You rock artists love to spin up tales of “hardship” on the road and how “tough” it is to be stuck at the airport without any of your cocaine or oxycontin.

“it’s so hard being in the spotlight”

Boo fu#8&ing; hoo!!

Posted by Heisenberg 2010 03 18

That is a hellish trip…I think our round-trip driving to Minneapolis is about 36 hours…seems like a bargain after your horror story….

...next time it’ll be better…in fact it couldn’t possibly be worse….

and I concur…Glory to Guys!  We love you too!

Posted by Kara 2010 03 18

A good friend of mine from Minneapolis happened to be on your flight from Chicago on Sunday night (she wrote to tell me because she knew it would bring me a smile).  I wrote her back to say, “I heard they had all kinds of travel woes.”  She replied, “you would never know it because they were all smiling and they seemed perfectly content.”

You have found the keys to the perfect “job”; doing what you love to do and having fantastic “co-workers” around you!  Can you feel my jealousy!?!?  Cheers!

Posted by Robbie V 2010 03 18

Hey John, Islip and Ronkonkoma are in Suffolk County, Long Island, 2 counties East of Queens (the Easternmost county of Long Island with Brooklyn and Queens on the Western end and Nassau County in between).  You were in Amy Fisher territory.  Did you guys fly into Islip Airport or something?  Is there any other reason you’d have been there?  That’s a long drive to Brooklyn!  LaGuardia would have got you there a lot quicker.  There must have been a sweet fare deal to Islip!

Enjoyed the show.  My apologies for my friend who stormed the backstage area afterwords!

Posted by dansheehan 2010 03 31

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