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The Downlow on the Downloads

Posted by Manager Monday, August 31, 2009

Stereo Night Album Cover

For connoisseurs of free, we present Stereo Night, in it’s entirety, available for your free download enjoyment.  And it need only cost you the submission of your nom de digital, i.e. your email address.  The free mp3s here are relatively low density and as such they do not reflect the utter audio glory of the CD, LP or a higher resolution download, all of which are also available to order NOW. The LP and CD represent the full majesty! The freebies are more like a FAX.  But you’ll get the idea anyway!

“Music Journalists” (and who isn’t these days?): Dive in. We invite you to make use of these free tracks as a springboard for critical reflection and writing. After you’ve fallen in love with the music, consider help to add The Twilight Hours to The Pantheon. Don’t play dumb. You know that place exists and you know this band belongs there.

Regular Folks: why don’t you get yourself some free music, too? But why don’t you also consider making a monetary donation to The Twilight Hours in exchange for the use of the “free” music ?  That would feel nice, wouldn’t it? The Twilight Hours think it would feel really good.

Enjoy the music!  Tell your friends… check back in with us at thetwilighthours.com for our desperate reflections and upcoming tour dates.