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Stereo Night Album Cover

The glistening red vinyl. The tubular analog tones. Let the music of Stereo Night pour over you. If there was ever a time to burn up some of your limited remaining hearing capability on a nice loud headphone listen, this is probably it. Surrender to the love, and let The Twilight Hours inside!

The first review of this album is already in. It was written by the band several months ago and it is definitive. Journalists, why don’t you take a little break, enjoy the music, and just print this:

“Scroungers. Scammers. Cads. They’ve ruined their reputations and their bodies. They’ve taken, exploited, and left a trail of anger. What could John Munson and Matt Wilson ever understand about love? A yet we have here before us The Twilight Hours’ first album, “Stereo Night”, and it is a work of towering beauty and sensitivity. As men they deserve nothing, but the music itself demands recognition as an instant classic –  a work for the ages! “

That’s it. Just type that and be done. Also, feel free to take immediate action to get the band set up in the Pantheon so that they can begin to reap their delicious rewards now while they are still vital and strong.