Video: "Alone"

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"Stereo Night" Drops!

The glistening red vinyl. The tubular analog tones. Let the music of Stereo Night pour over you. If there was ever a time to burn up some of your limited remaining hearing capability on a nice loud headphone listen, this is probably it. Surrender to the love, and let The Twilight Hours inside!


They always put out.

Posted by Omniscient Monday, June 01, 2009

Remember the Star Trek episode with Captain Kirk and the brute Flavius? Members of the crew found themselves on a planet resembling ancient Rome but equipped with television technology. A nasty roman sadist ran a TV show in which gladiators would fight to the death. And a captive Kirk was chosen for the ring. Kirk dragged his feet, affecting the pose of a pacifist. So did the big hunk, Flavius, who was chosen to be his adversary. But the nasty sadist knew that when he put these champions in the ring with big swords they would put out. And they did.

Wilson and Munson affect the pose of wisened seers, above it all. To them it’s all prostitution, and they do not approve. Sure. But put them on a stage and turn on the lights. Watch the two philosophers preen and grind like champions. They always put out.

Update from Matt: BTW in this analogy, Wilson is Kirk, Munson is the brute Flavius, and you, dear Audience, are the nasty sadist! Nasty!

Doors: 6:00 p.m.
Show Time: 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

North Minneapolis

Benefit for Minnesotans United at The Ritz

A fundraiser to fight an amendment to the Minnesota constitution excluding gay and lesbian people from the joy and security of marriage. Let’s fight this together. John and Matt will perform acoustic style at the end of the evening, but we’ll be there the whole night hanging around by the food hoping someone will chat with us. Come on!